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Miscellaneous Songs and Lyrics about Social Issues, Society

In the Presence of the Passenjare, by Mark Twain, 1876

It Could be a Wonderful World, Hy Zaret & Lou Singer, 1947

Land Reform Song, , 1890-1910?

Little Boxes, Malvina Reynolds, 1962

Love Me, I'm a Liberal, Phil Ochs, 1966

Old King Coal, Charles MacKay, 1859

Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends, Phil Ochs, 1967

Preacher and the Slave (Pie in the Sky), Joe Hill, 1911

Put It In Ink, George M. Vickers, 1888

Sing Me a Song of Social Significance, Harold Rome, 1937

State Of Arkansaw, c. 1900's

Talking Meanness, Woody Guthrie, 1945

The Little Red Hen, Malvina Reynolds, 1965

Twenty-One Years, Bob Miller, 1930

When the Country Is Broke, Tom Glazer, 1946

When the Hollow Drum, , 1797