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Put It In Ink

Song: Put It In Ink
Lyrics: George M. Vickers(1)

Music: George M. Vickers(1)
Year: 1888(1)
Country: USA

There's many a snare in the path of life,
    Ready to trap us all;
And many's the rogue that is plotting strife,
    Who's seeking to plan our fall:
When others declare what they mean to do,
    Be sure that you stop to think,
And tell them to prove their faith to you
    By putting it down in ink.

Oh! put it in ink, my boy, say you,
For the honest will never shrink;
Oh! put it in ink, my boy, say you,
Be sure that it's down in ink!

Political candidates always smile,
    And promises freely make,
but when they're elected 'tis then their style
    All pledges to quickly break;
When seeking your vote they shake your hand
    And ask you to take a drink;
If points you would make, then whisper bland,
    Just put what you say in ink.
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When asked by a friend for a loan of cash,
    Only for one short day,
Remember some borrowers promise rash,
    And somehow forget to pay:
If lend him you do, and you think him true,
    Then say with a friendly wink,
Old boy, I will take your I.O.U.,
    Just rattle it down in ink.
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There's many a maid with a broken heart,
    And many a suit at law,
Because the false lover was sly and smart,
    And blessed with a limber jaw;
Oh beautiful girls, pray have a care,
    And try of my song to think;
And never believe what men declare
    Unless it is down in ink.



1 - Published by Lee & Walker, 1017 Walnut St., Philadelphia

2 - Additional songs by George M. Vickers, from the US Library of Congress.