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It Could be a Wonderful World, song lyrics

Song: It Could be a Wonderful World
Lyrics: Hy Zaret(1) (2)

Music: Lou Singer(1) (3)
Year: 1947(1)
Country: USA

If each little kid could have fresh milk each day,
If all of the workers had enough time to play,
If each homeless soul has a good place to stay,
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It could be a wonderful world,
If we could consider each other,
a neighbor, a friend, or a brother,
It could be a wonderful, wonderful world.
It could be a wonderful world. It would

If there were no poor and the rich were content,
If strangers were welcome wherever they went,
If each of us knew what true brotherhood meant.



1 - Songs for Labour, prepared by tht AFL-CIO Department of Education, AFL-CIO Publication No. 56, December 1983, p.14-15.

2 - Hy Zaret (1907 - 2007), born Hyman Harry Zaritsky.

3 - Lou Singer (1912 - 1966) biography.