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Meningitis Blues, song lyrics

Song: Meningitis Blues
Lyrics: Memphis Minnie (1)

Year: 1930
Genre: Blues
Country: USA

I come home one Saturday night,
Pull off my clothes and lie down,
And that morning just about the break of day,
The meningitis(2) began to creep around.

My head and neck was paining me,
Sseem like my back going to break in two,
I hurried to the neighbors that morning,
I didn't know what in the world to do.

My companion take me to the doctor,
Doctor please tell me my wife's complaint,
Doctor looked down on me and shook his head,
Said I wouldn't mind telling you son but I can't.
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He taken me down to the city hospital,
The clock was striking ten,
I imagine my companion say,
I don't believe I'll see your smiling face again.

Then the nurses all began to stand around me,
The doctors had done me out,
Every time I would have a potion,
I would have a foaming at the mouth.
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Just take her 'round to the city hospital,
Just as quick quick as you possible can;
Because the condition she's in now,
You will never go home live again.

Mmm... the meningitis killing me,
I'm spinning I'm spinning baby,
My head is nearly down in to my knees


1 - Recorded by Memphis Minnie and the Memphis Jug Band, on Victor Records V-23421, May 26, 1930

2 - Meningitis summary on WebMD.