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The A.M.A. Song

Song: The A.M.A. Song
Lyrics: Phil Ochs(1) (2)

Music: Phil Ochs(1) (2)
Year: c.1963(1) (2)
Genre: Folk Pop
Country: USA

We are the nation's physicians,
Yes, we give to our lobbies every day,
We will fight against disease when the money comes with ease,
And when we get together we say.

Hooray for A.M.A., (3)
And for us doctors gluts of higher pay,
If you can't afford my bill don't you tell me that you're ill,
'Cause that's the free enterprise way.

We've divided up the sections of the body,
Every day we specialize more and more,
But we really love to stitch the diseases of the rich,
We are sure there is a clinic for the poor.
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And our waiting rooms are getting pretty crowded,
It is sad to see our patients sit and bleed,
But if you must use our ointment then you must have an appointment,
Or who'll pay for those magazines you read.


And now the government is getting too ambitious,
Yes, we know they want to socialize us all,
Well our oath was Hippocratic but with money we're fanatic,
So we'll see you in Canada in the fall.

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Amalgamated A.M.A.!


1 - From the Phil Ochs album, On My Way, 1963 Demo Session.

2 - Phil Ochs (1940 - 1976) biography.

3 - A.M.A. is the American Medical Association, formed in 1847, and representing over 200,000 medical doctors in the USA.