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Prisoners' Call, song lyrics

Song: Prisoners' Call
Lyrics: Aunt Molly Jackson(1)

Music: Aunt Molly Jackson(1)
Year: c.1938 (3)
Genre: A Cappella folk
Country: USA

Dear comrades today I bring to you,
A solemn story, sad but true,
From behind the dark cold prison walls,
To ^ the political prisoners call.
While the countless ^ there will be joy,
In Scottsboro jail we have nine young Negro boys,
And today the Alabama court declared,
They all must take the electric chair.
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Today, dear comrades we must say "no",
To the electric chair they must not go,
We must set those innocent children free,
By showing our solidarity.

Dear comrades we must not forget,
Tom Mooney(2) is in prison yet,
For twenty-one years both night and day, (3)
Behind prison walls he has had to stay.

Now we must set those prisoners free,
By showing our solidarity.
Them names I have given are but a few,
Of the many thousand prisoners that are calling to me and you.
This song was originally posted on
We must not ignore the prisoners cold,
That come from being behind the prison walls;
Now we must set these prisoners free,
By showing our solidarity.


1 - Aunt Molly Jackson in Wikipedia

2 - Thomas Mooney

3 - Thomas Mooney served 22 years in prison before being released in 1939, which sets this song in 1938.

4 - ^ designates a missing syllable not transcribed. If you know what they are, please let us know. Thank you.