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Ballad of a Working Mother, song lyrics

Song: Ballad of a Working Mother
Lyrics: Marilyn Major(1)

Country: USA

My kids were only babies,
when their Daddy went away.
So I hung up my apron and
went out to work for pay.
They put me on the night-shift,
working on a big machine;
That was the last of normal life,
my kids and I have seen.

Oh, I am a working mother,
working hard to earn my way,
In the fact'ry through the long dark night,
I sleep near half the day,
They say I should be happy,
that my pay - it ain't too bad.
They forget I am the only parent,
that my kids have ever had.

I hired a baby sitter,
she made near as much as me.
She watched the television,
while my babies they ran free.
Well, I finally found a good one,
and she treated them just fine;
but it hurt to see them give her,
all the love that should be mine.
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As the years went by I learned my job,
and half the men's jobs too.
They liked to let me use their tools,
just to see what I could do.
They'd pat me on the fanny,
and they'd tell me I was cute;
for a decent job with equal pay,
that was sure some substitute.
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I went to see the foreman,
and I told him of my skills,
I knew if I could get that job,
It would help to pay my bills,
Well the foreman, he said honey,
we just can't do that you see;
that job is for a working man
who has a family.



1 - Songs for Labour, prepared by tht AFL-CIO Department of Education, AFL-CIO Publication No. 56, December 1983, p.2-3.