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Workers of England, song lyrics

Song: Workers of England
Lyrics: James Connell(2)

Music: to the tune of "Lillibulero"
Year: c. 1890
Genre: March
Country: England

Workers of England, why crouch ye like cravens?
Why clutch an existence of insult and want?
Why stand to be pluck'd by an army of ravens,
Or hoodwink'd forever by twaddle and cant?
Think on the wrongs ye bear,
Think on the rags ye wear,
Think on the insults endur'd from your birth:
Toiling in snow and rain,
Rearing up heaps of grain,
All for the tyrants who grind you to earth.
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Your brains are as keen as the brains of your masters,
In swiftness and strength ye surpass them by far,
Ye've brave hearts to teach you to laugh at disasters,
Ye vastly outnumber your tyrants at war.
Why then like cowards stand
Using not brain or hand,
Thankful like dogs when they throw you a bone?
What right have they to take
Things that ye toil to make?
Know ye not, comrades, that all is your own?

Rise in your might, brothers, bear it no longer,
Assemble in masses throughout the whole land:
Show these incapables who are the stronger,
When workers and idlers confronted shall stand.
Thro' Castle, Court and Hall,
Over their acres all,
Onwards we'll press like the waves of the sea,
Claiming the wealth we've made,
Ending the spoilers' trade:
Labour shall triumph and England be free.


1 - From a Songbook for Socialists, published in London, England, c. 1890.

2 - James Connell was an Irish journalist, born, in Kishyre, 1852 and died 1929 in London. He is most well known for writing the song, The Red Flag.