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We Need You Most of All, song lyrics

Song: We Need You Most of All
Lyrics: Russell Knight(1)

Music: to the tune of "I Love You Most of All"
Year: 1929
Genre: Ballad
Country: USA

The time has come for our freedom
We must stand up and fight
The strike is on, boys, stick to it
And we will win out all right.

Let's keep the darn mill standing
No matter what they all say
Then we will soon see a-dawning
For us, a brand new day.
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We must look to our union then
Stick with it through thick and thin
Then you will hear the boss let out a cry -
"If you don't give in I'm going to die."

So just be patient with Pershing(3) and Beal(4)
Until old Baugh(5) lets out his squeal,
"Please come back, we'll recongnize you
As the union through and through.

So the union we send our call
For we need you most of all.


1 - Russell Knight was one of 14 strikers held without bond and charged with murder during the Gastonia Strike. He was acquitted of the charges. North Carolina Workers Strike in Gastonia from the University of North Carolina.

2 - Gastonia Textile Strike of 1929, North Carolina.

3 - George Pershing, was a young assistant to Fred Beal with the National Textile Workers

4 - Fred Beal was a labor organizer with the National Textile Workers Union, NTWU.

5 - J. L. Baugh was Mill Superintendent at the Loray Mill owned by the Manville-Jenckes Corporation.

6 - Loray Mill Project, from the University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill.

Picture taken at the National Textile Workers Union conference, October 1929, in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Standing from left to right: Liston Oak, George Maurer, Dewey Martin.
Seated from left to right: Solomon Harper, Albert Totherow, Russell Knight, J Louis Engdahl, Bill Dunne, William Z Foster, Sophie Melvin.