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Please Tip Your Waitress, song lyrics

Song: Please Tip Your Waitress
Lyrics: Willie Sordill(1)

Year: 1978(1)
Country: USA

Sixteen tables, four chairs at each one,
Two shows every night, she's on the run.
Three coffees here, five deserts there, let's go!
And some jerk over there, says she's too slow.

Please tip your waitress, she's workin' hard for you,
She'll walk a few miles more before she's through.
She's got bills to pay, and food to buy like you.
Please tip your waitress, cause she's workin' hard for you.

It's "honey" this and "dear" that all the time,
but that's not half as bad, as all those lines.
She's a strong woman and her temper's gonna perk,
if one more guy asks, when she gets off work.
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When she gets home from work, she still can't rest,
'cause tomorrow at the college there's a test.
She's up early in the morning as a rule,
makin' sure the kids get off to school.


Her paycheck's low, she does the work of two,
When something's wrong, folks blame you know who.
And then they say "Come on now, where's your simle?"
While the owner's gettin' richer all the while.


1 - Songs for Labour, prepared by tht AFL-CIO Department of Education, AFL-CIO Publication No. 56, December 1983, p.38.