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The Railway Strike, song lyrics

Song: Come Join the Knights of Labor (or "The Railway Strike")
Lyrics: Mrs. Ella Lodge(1)(2)

Music: Ella Lodge(1)(2)
Year: 1886(1)
Country: USA

It has caus'd a great sensation,
Throughout this mighty nation;
There has been a deal of trouble,
We've never heard the like.
With famine floods and earthquakes,
Fires, wars and drouths
And later worse than all the rest,
The railway strike(3).
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Then come to the front,
Brother friend and neighbor,
In Union there is strength,
Join the Knights of Labor(4).

T'was the news thro' all the nation,
Gould(5) agreed to arbitration,
Then we thought good times were coming,
As daylight after night.
Long, long will all remember,
The year of eighty six(3),
When the country seems turned upside down,
About the railway strike.
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'Tis a world of tribulation,
Full of sorrow and vexation,
Things go smoothly for awhile,
Then again go far from right,
But an end is now approaching,
To all our hopes and fears,
When the world will know if good or bad,
Attend the railway strike.



1 - Transcribed from the musical score published by Richard A. Saalfield, 12 Bible House, New York, NY.

2 - Sorry we have no biographical information on Mrs. Ella Lodge. If you do and would be willing to share it, please let us know. Thank you.

3 - Great Southwest Railroad Strike of 1886 from the Library of Congress, USA.

4 - Knights of Labor labor union.

5 - Jay Gould railroad tycoon labeled by many as a "robber baron".