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Taxi Song, song lyrics

Song: The Taxi Song
Lyrics: Peter Jones

Music: Peter Jones
Year: 1983
Country: USA

They didn't tell us over the air,
I had to hear it from one of my fares,
"I'm sorry to tell you," the woman did say,
"but one of your drivers was killed today."

And they're burying four-thirteen this week,
His body's on view down on thirteenth street.
And all that he gets from the company,
Is a jar on the window for the family.

I read about it the very next day,
He was sitting at Georgia and East-West highway,
He was hit by a drunk and his body was tossed,
He was dead on arrival at Holy Cross.
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That afternoon like most every day,
I drove up to the window to give them my pay,
"Here's what I owe you for driving your car,
And here is five dollars to put in the jar.
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We drive the cabs until we're half dead,
But the owner's the only one getting ahead.
High off the hog is the way that he lives,
And a jar in the window is all that he gives.


1 - Songs for Labor booklet, prepared for the AFL-CIO Department of Education, December 1983, p. 44.

2 - Peter Jones wrote this from his personal experiences as a taxi cab driver in Washington DC.