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Stick to the Union, Jack, song lyrics

Song: Stick to the Union, Jack
Lyrics: James L. Feeney(1)(2)

Music: James L. Feeney
Year: 1904(1)
Country: USA

Tom and Jack were union men, and side by side they toiled,
In a factory where the union held full say,
The firm decided to resist the union men's control,
And announced a big reduction in their pay,
A meeting of the men was called, they voted for a strike,
Each man but Jack the union's call did heed,
He proved unfaithrul to his trust, a traitor to the cause,
But Tom his dear old friend with him did plead:
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Stick to the union Jack, and it will stick by you,
Don't desert the boys on strike, be loyal, firm and true.
Remember now the vow you took, united we must stand,
Stick to the union, Jack, and led a helping hand.

The men were idle many weeks, at last the strike was won,
And they all returned to work with spirits light,
But the one that proved a traitor, was shunned by ev'ry one,
For he had betrayed the cause he knew was right,
Deserted by this former friends, an outcase from them all,
His name disgraced he did regret the day,
He would not heed his friend's advice obey his unions's call,
When Tom his friend so pladingly did say:



1 - Transcribed from the sheet music published by The Trades Unionist Publishing Co, 441-443 G Street, N.W. Washington, D.C., USA.

2 - The cover of the score says James L. Feeney was the Editor of the International Bookbinder, which was the official journal of the International Brotherhood of Bookbinders of North America, union.

3 - The top of the first page of the music score reads: "Dedicated to the fearless chamption of organized labor, Samuel Gompers, President, American Federation of Labor."