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Stand by Your Unions, song lyrics

Song: Stand by Your Unions (the Old Unionist's Dying Message.)
Lyrics: "Hush"(1)

Music: "Hush"(1)
Year: c.1908-1915
Country: Australia

"Dedicated to Andres Fisher, Esq., Australia's Greatest Statesman,"

Sick unto death the old veteran lay,
But still he was true to his creed,
Knowing that life was fast ebbing away,
He thought of this brothers in need;
In fancy he pictured the battles he'd fought
'Gainst capital's tyrannous reign,
And though he was suff'ring, his last dying thought
Was for others, regardless of pain.

Keep the flag flying! the old vet'ran said;
Fear not because there are breakers ahead;
Remember that thousands are crying for bread,
And in poverty hundreds are dying.
Let Christ's great example be ever your guide,
Who for the sick and the suffering died;
Stand by your Unions whatever betide;
Be brave, lads! Be brave, lads! And keep the flag flying!

Keep the flag flying! Be constant and true,
And some day success you'll achieve;
Let the old maxim be treasured by you -
"'Tis nobler to give than receive."
Should it happen that you, through talent or skill,
Are escaping the pinch and the strain,
Remember the man at the foot of the hill,
Who is weaker, and living in pain.
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Keep the flag flying! The noblest life
That a true living Christian can lead,
Whilst praising the Lord that he's out of the strife,
Is to think of a brother in need.
Remember the mothers who live in distress,
And little ones famished and crying
For a crust from the larder of those who possess
An abundance, and keep the flag flying!
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There are those in this world who've plenty to spare,
But naught to the needy will give;
They thrive on the fat of the land, and don't care
How the weak and the suffering live.
And 'tis only by Unions; and fighting the foe
With a force that is strong and united,
That humanity 'ere will true happiness know,
And the wrongs of the people be righted!


1 - From the sheet music, "Hush" "(The well-known South Australian Labor Writer)"

2 - Publisher, The Pianola Co, On the Block, 252 Collins Street, Melbourne