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Serves 'em Fine, song lyrics

Song: Serves 'em Fine (Cotton Mill Colic Number 3)
Lyrics: Dave McCarn(1)

Music: Dave McCarn(1)
Year: 1931(1)
Genre: Country Folk
Country: USA

Now, people, in the year nineteen and twenty,
The mills ran good, everybody had plenty,
Lots of people with a good free will,
Sold their homes and move to a mill.
We'll have lots of money, they said,
But everyone got Hell instead,
It was fun in the mountains rolling logs,
But now when the whistle blows we run like dogs.
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It suits us people, serves us fine,
For thinking that a mill was a darn goldmine.

Now in the year nineteen and twenty five,
The mills all stood but we're still alive,
People kept coming when the weather was fine,
Just like they were going to a big gold mine.
As time passed on their money did too,
Everyone began to look kind of blue.
If we had any sense up in our dome,
We'd still be living in our mountain home.
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Now in the year nineteen and thirty,
They don't pay nothing and they do us dirty.
When we do manage to get ahead,
It seems like all of the mills go dead.
We're always in a hole getting deeper everyday,
If we ever get even it'll be judgement day.
There's no use to colic, no use to shirk,
For there's more people loafing than there are at work.
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Now all you mountaineers that's listening to me,
Take off your hats and holler "Whoopee",
For I'm going back home in the land of the sky,
Where they all drink moonshine and never do die.
I'll take my dogs while the moon shines bright,
Hunt coon and possum the whole darn night.
If you can't get the money to move away,
It's too bad folks, you'll have to stay.



1 - Recorded on Victor 78 rpm records #23577 as David & Howard (McCarn & Long), May 19, 1931.

2 - Dave McCarn (1905-1964) information from Old Hat Records