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Public Workers Stand Together, song lyrics

Song: Public Workers Stand Together
Lyrics: Paul McKenna(1)

Music: to the tune of "A Miner's Life"
Year: (1)
Country: USA

Times are tough for public workers,
Every day its something new.
Layoff threats and hiring freezes,
Freezes in our wages too.
Paychecks pounded by inflation,
Budgets cut down to the bone;
We have got to stand together,
It's no time to stand alone.

Public workers stand together,
Stand with pride and dignity.
We are all in this together,
Every public employee.

The papers slander and insult us,
call us lazy parasites.
They say we're only civil servants,
And servants have no civil rights.
They turn the populace against us,
With the lies they fabricate.
Let's tell our side of this story,
Then we'll set the record straight.
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Workers in the private sector,
We're no different from you.
We work to feed our families,
Pay our rent and taxes too.
It doesn't matter who we work for,
We're all workers just the same,
But the rights you take for granted,
We're still fighting to obtain.
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In conclusion, fellow workers,
We must organize for power.
"Solidarity forever",
Is the watchword of the hour.
Let's fight back in opposition,
Against the bosses and the press,
Build a workers coalition,
And march onward to success.


1 - Songs for Labor booklet, prepared for the AFL-CIO Department of Education, December 1983, p. 21.