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Paint 'er Red, song lyrics

Song: Paint 'er Red
Lyrics: Elmer Rumbaugh(3)

Music: to the tune of "Marching Through Georgia" by Henry C. Work
Year: 1913
Country: USA

Come with us you working men,
and join the rebel band,
Come you discontented ones,
and give a helping hand.
We march against the parasite,
to drive him from the land,
With one big industrial union,
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Hurrah! Hurrah! We're going to paint 'er red,
Hurrah! Hurrah! The way is clear ahead.
We're gaining shop democracy;
and liberty and bread,
With one big industrial union.

In factory and field and mine,
We gather in our might,
We're on the job and know the way,
To win the hardest fight,
For the beacon that shall guide us,
Out of darkness into light,
Is one big industrial union.
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We hate this rotten system,
More than any mortals do;
Our aim is not to patch it up,
But build it all anew,
And what we'll have for government,
When finally we're through,
Is one big industrial union.



1 - Rebel Song Book, Eighty-seven Socialist and Labor Songs for Voice and Piano, Rand School Press, New York, NY, 1935, p. 21, incorrectly attributes the song to Ralph Chaplin.

2 - It was first published in the Socialist and Labor Star, January 24, 1913, Huntington, West Virginia, USA.

3 - According to Ralph Chaplin who was the editor of the Socialist and Labor Star, Elmer Rumbaugh was a West Virginia miner who later became a member of the IWW. Chaplin called this song a "proletarian classic".