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The Old Toiler's Message, song lyrics

Song: The Old Toiler's Message
Lyrics: Joe Hill

Music: to the tune of "Silver Threads Among the Gold" by Hart Pease Danks
Year: 1913
Country: USA

"Darling I am growing old'',
So the toiler told his wife;
"Father Time the days have tolled,
Of my usefulness in life.
Just tonight my master told me,
He can't use me any more.
Oh, my darling, do not scold me,
When the wolf comes to our door.''

To the scrap heap we are going,
When we're overworked and old.
When our weary heads are showing,
Silver threads among the gold.
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"Darling, I am growing old',
He once more his wife did tell.
"All my labor pow'r I've sold,
I have nothing more to sell.
Though I'm dying from starvation,
I shall shout with all my might,
To the coming generation.
I shall shout with all my might."



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