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November Nineteenth, song lyrics

Song: November Nineteenth
Lyrics: John E. Nordquist

Music: to the tune of "The Red Flag"
Year: 1916
Country: USA

They've shot Joe Hill, his life has fled,
They've filled his manly heart with lead;
But his brave spirit hovers near
And bids each fellow worker cheer.

On high the blood red banners wave!
The flag for which his life he gave;
The master class shall rue the day,
They took Joe Hillstrom's life away.

Now, fellow workers, shed no tear,
For brave Joe Hill died without fear;
He told the bosses' gunmen, low:
"I'm ready; fire! Let her go!"
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No more Joe Hill shall pen the songs
That pictured all the workers' wrongs;
His mighty pen shall rust away,
But all his songs are here to stay.


Now Salt Lake City's Mormon throngs,
Must list to Joe Hill's rebel songs;
While angry sabs(2) shall prowl the night
To show the One Big Union's might.
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March on, march on, you mighty host,
And organize from coast to coast;
And Joe Hill's spirit soon shall see
Triumphant Labor's victory.



1 - From Songs of the I.L.P., (Industrial Labour Party), 117 Bathurst St., Sydney, Australia, 1929, p. 38.

2 - "Sabs". This is not a misspelling on our part, this is definitely what was printed in the booklet. We don't know if this is slang for those times, but if you have any idea, please go to the About page and let us know.