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Nearer My Job To Thee, song lyrics

Song: Nearer My Job To Thee
Lyrics: Joe Hill

Music: to the tune of "Nearer My God To Thee" by Lowell Mason
Year: 1913
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

Nearer my job to thee,
Nearer with glee,
Three plunks for the office fee,
But my fare is free.
My train is running fast,
I've got a job at last,
Nearer my job to thee,
Nearer to thee.

Arrived where my job should be,
Nothing in sight I see,
Nothing but sand. by gee,
Job went up a tree.
No place to eat or sleep,
Snakes in the sage brush creep.
Nero a saint would be,
Shark, compared to thee.
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Nearer to town, each day
Hiked all the way,
Nearer that agency,
Where I paid my fee,
And when that shark I see
You'll bet your boots that he
Nearer his god shall be.
Leave that to me.


1 - More information on the life and death of Joe Hill in Wikipedia.

2 - Clearly a reference to job sharks who promise work for a fee, the same as a crooked employment agency that charges workers for the promise of a job these days.

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