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March Song of the Workers, song lyrics

Song: March Song of the Workers(1)
Lyrics: Władysław Święcicki, translated by Douglas Robson(2)

Music: from a Polish folk song
Year: Original Polish song 1879 to 1883(3)
Genre: Polish Traditional/March
Country: USA

Whirlwinds of danger are raging around us,
O'erwhelming forces of darkness assail,
Still in the fight see advancing before us,
Red flag of liberty that yet shall prevail.

Then forward, ye workers, freedom awaits you,
O'er all the world on the land and the seas,
On with the fight for the cause of humanity,
March, march, ye toilers and the world shall be free.

Women and children in hunger are calling,
Shall we be silent to their sorry and woe?
While in the fight see our brothers are falling,
Up then united and conquer the foe!
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Off with the crown of the tyrants of favor!
Down in the dust with the prince and the peer!
Strike off your chains, all ye brave sons of labor!
Wake all humanity, for victory is near.



1 - From the Rebel Song Book, Eighty-seven Socialist and Labor Songs for Voice and Piano, Rand School Press, New York, NY, 1935, p. 14

2 - Douglas Robson was a former coal miner who moved to Chicago where he became an IWW (International Workers of the World) singer and songwriter, who apparently did the translation but was falsely given the full credit for the song, apparently by the IWW.

3 - For the full history of the various versions of this song please see Warszawianka (1905), from Wikipedia.