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Labour Is King, song lyrics

Song: Labour Is King
Lyrics: Cyril Haviland(3)

Music: L. B. Levigne
Year: 1891(1)
Genre: Traditional
Country: Australia

Labour is King! The world's great wealth,
By work has bee up rais'd.
To Labour ow we life and health,
Let Labour then be praised, Let Labour then be praised.
The Ocean's width has Labour spanned
And Commerce opened wide,
And joined the people of each land
And conquered wind and tide, And conquered wind and tide.
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Then steady stand,
hold fast the right,
With one strong voice to sing,
United we must win the fight,
For Labour is the King,
For Labour is the King, Yes!
Labour is the King.

The mines of earth had ne'er been known,
    Nor halls of science made;
Nor could man's gold inself have grown,
    Unless with Labour's aid.
Then, workmen all, join hand in hand,
    And with one voice agree;
Remember that in one true band
    Your strength is Unity.


The world is what it is today
    Through Labour's might alone;
And justice, peace and love shall sway
    With Labour on the throne.
Then stand together, workmen all,
    Nor heed each petty strife;
The noblest watchword - duty's call -
    Is "Labour, King of Life!"



1 - Published by Troedel, Cooper & Co., Sydney Australia

2 - Originally sung in Australia by Lucy Fraser

3 - What is known is that Cyril Haviland was an Australian poet. As there were a number of people with variations of that name at the time, which one it was has not been ascertained.