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Labor's Harvest Home, song lyrics

Song: Labor's Harvest Home
Lyrics: Phillips Thompson(1)(2)

Music: to the tune of "Jesus, We Thy Lambs Would Be"
Year: 1892(1)
Country: USA / Canada

Rouse the sleepers through the land,
Harvest time is now at hand,
Fields are white with ripened grain,
And plenty smiles on hill and plain.

When the reaping time shall come
And labor shout the harvest home,
When the reaping time shall come
And labor shout the harvest home.

Those who toil has given birth
To the products of the earth
Claim the right the fruit to keep,
Nor where they sowed let others reap.
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Ye who bar the reapers' way,
Is it sword or sickle - say?
Ere the famished throng can pass
Must they mow you down like grass?


Down with the idler, robber, knave!
Freedom for the toiling slave!
Nevermore shall stealth or sloth
Enjoy the field's luxuriant growth.
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Fruit of bitter, toilsome years,
Sown in struggle, pain and tears,
We shall garner when the world
Sees from its place oppression hurled.



1 - The Labor Reform Songster, 1892, by Phillips Thompson, published in Philadelphia, Journal of the Knights of Labor, 1892, p.31-32.

1 - Thomas Phillips Thompson (1843 - 1933), born in England, but lived most of his life in Canada and the United States, dying in Oakville, Ontario, Canada in 1933.