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In The Coal Mines Far Away, song lyrics

Song: In The Coal Mines Far Away
Lyrics: Otto P. Ikeler(1) (3)

Music: Otto P. Ikeler(1) (3)
Year: 1901
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

Once a father went to work down in a coal mine,
And was doing his own breat-work for the day;
When it happened many rocks fell down behind him
And it shut him from his loved one far away.
Quick the news did reach the breaker and the mend all made a rush
To save the man but rocks were in the way;
Then a girl soon told the family her sad story.
Of their papa i the coal mines fare away.

"O, do not weep dear friends,
O, do not weep I say,
Though sad my story, sad I say,
I've come to tell you of your papa,
Who has perished in the coal mines far away."

'Twas a little brown-eyed lassie who came running,
Who did bring the message to the cottage door,
It was she who told the family her sad story.
Said, "You'll never meet your papa as of yore."
Oh, the news near killed that mother as her tears fast ebbed away
The little ones knelt down to cry and pray,
For they said, "We have no friend on earth like papa.
Who has perished in the coal mines fare away."
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Oh, the miners worked with faith and greatest courage,
Moving each every rock away with care;
But they found it was a great and sad disaster.
Said, "We'll have to give the man up in despair."
New the children ne'er shallmeet their papa at the door yard gate,
His loving wife no more for him shall wait;
But they'll ne'er forget the sad fate of their loved one,
Who is sleeping in the coal mines far away.


1 - "Published by the author, Otto P. Ikeler, Rohrsburg, Columbia Co. Pa."

2 - From the original sheet music.

3 - A Columbia County (PA) Composer: Otto P. Ikeler, (small Adobe pdf file) by W. M. Baillie, Columbia County Historical and Genealogical Society Newsletter 22.3, September 2007.