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From Forty to Sixty-Five, song lyrics

Song: From Forty to Sixty-Five
Lyrics: Johnny Masters(2)

Music: Johnny Masters
Year: c. 1951
Genre: Bluegrass
Country: USA

As I read the morning papers,
I look the want ads through,
I thought that I might try to find
Some honest work to do,
I think that I have never judged
The workin' life for me
But young men wanted for the job,
Is all that I could see.

Young men wanted, is all you hear today,
Young men wanted, the old man cast away,
I pray the Lord to help me,
In weariness to find
The missing link that lies
Between forty and sixty five.
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I may get the old age pension
If I'm sixty five,
But I've so many years to go,
How can I stay alive
Oh, when you reach the middle age,
Your useful days are through,
With young men taking all the jobs,
There's nothing left to do.


When this dreary life is ended,
And I am laid to rest,
My weary soul will take it like
The man that God will bless
Saint Peter's hand will welcome me
The law that I have died
And I won't have to wait outside
Until I'm sixty five



1 - The Masters Family.

2 - Also sung by Reg Lindsay, on his c.1970's album Out On The Lone Prairie CBS records SBP 233486. The back of the album cover says "This song was sent out to me by Johnny Masters, who wrote the famous "Glory Land March".

3 - It was also covered by the New Lost City Ramblers