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Dressmaker's Victory Song, song lyrics

Song: Dressmaker's Victory Song
Lyrics: Emily B. Fine

Music: to the 1925 tune of "Vagabond King"
Year: c. 1930's
Country: USA

Work was very weary,
Life was sad and dreary,
Just a little while ago;
But in massive numbers,
Rose we from our slumbers,
And for freedom struck a blow.
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Forward! Forward! The union challenge rings,
Forward! Forward! The dressmakers sing,
Evermore uniting,
Many thousands fighting,
March we onto VICTORY!

Like an ocean roaring,
From the sweatshops pouring,
Dressmakers are massing strong;
Cutters, operators,
Pressers, samplemakers,
All crafts join the mighty throng.
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Union recognition,
Short hours in addition,
Higher pay we won for all.
None our bond shall sever;
Union, live forever,
All for one and one for all.



1 - From the Socialist Song Book, 1964, p. 5.

2 - The International Ladies Garment Workers' Union publication, The Ladies' Garment Worker, Volume 3, Issue 1, January 1, 1912, lists an E. Fine as being an organizer of the Newark, New Jersey, Ladies Tailors & Cloakmakers.

3 - History of the ILGWU from the Industrial Labor Relations School of Cornell University.