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The Company Store, song lyrics

Song: The Company Store
Lyrics: Isaac Hanna(1)(2)

Year: 1895(1)
Country: USA

(Click on the link if you are looking for the song, Sixteen Tons which also makes reference to the "company store" and working in a coal mine.)

The lot of the miner,
At best is quite hard,
We work for good money,
Get paid with a card;
We sarcely can live,
And not a cent more,
Since we're paid off in checks
On the company store(3).

Those great coal monopolies
Are growing apace,
They are making their millions
By grinding our face;
Unto their high prices
The people pay toll,
While they pay fifty cents
For mining their coal.
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They keep cutting our wages
Time after time,
Where we once had a dollar,
We now have a dime;
While our souls are near famished,
And our bodies are sore,
We are paid off in checks,
On the company store.

Though hard we may labor
But little we have;
We are robbed of our rights,
Though we fought for the slave.
Monop'ly keeps grasping
For more and still more;
They will soon own the earth,
Through the company store.

We sign then a contract
As agreed between men,
Though it holds us like slaves,
It never hold them;
And when they've exhausted
The old contract score,
They capped the climax
With the company store.

The old pirates and brigands
Who fought hand to hand,
Who would scuttle a ship,
Or pillage the land,
Have formed a collusion
And all come on shore,
And now ply their trade
Through the company store.
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But when those old worthies
Are called to their doom,
I think honest business
Will enjoy a great boom;
And when they are finally
Called from our shore,
I hope they'll take with them
The company store.


1 - From the United Mine Workers Journal, May 23, 1895.

2 - Isaac Hanna, of Englewood, Illinois.

3 - Please check out these references for a bit more on the script system and company stores from Tennessee 4 Me, Truck System wages. and The British Truck System in the Nineteenth Century, (20 pages), George W. Hilton, Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 65, No. 3 (Jun., 1957). Of course this system of extreme worker exploitation and debt bondage existed well into the early 20th century in some industries.