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Citizen C.I.0., song lyrics

Song: Citizen C.I.0.
Lyrics: Tom Glazer(1)

Music: Tom Glazer
Year: 1944
Country: USA

Where do you come from, brother?
I come from the U.S.A.
What are you doin', brother?
I'm helping Uncle Sam in every way.
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Well, tell me your name, brother, tell me your name,
Tell me your name because I'd sure like to know.
I'll tell you my name, yes, I'll tell you my name.

It's very plain, my name is Citizen C.I.0.(2)
How you doin' lately, brother?
Well, things are lookin' up okay.
Tell me the reason, brother?
The union fights my battles every day.
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Do you love your country, brother?
Yes. I love it more than I can tell.
How come you joined the army, brother?
I want to send those fascists straight to hell.


Mighty glad I met you, brother!
Oh, gee, Bud, the same goes here!
Stick around a long time, brother!
You bet I will a hundred thousand years!



1 - Tom Glazer information on Wikipedia.

2 - Congress of Industrial Organizations was a federation of labor unions.