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The Children of Toil, song lyrics

Song: The Children of Toil
Lyrics: Ned Straight(1)

Music: Ned Straight(1)
Year: 1890(1)
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

How is it some people own acres of land,
Have thousands and millions of gold?
The price upon coal rises at their command,
While poor folks are shiv'ring with cold;
Our "Goddess of Liberty's" bound with the chain,
Of monopoly's merciless coil,
But we hope that she soon will her freedom regain,
By the help of the children of toil.
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Tho' the rich may look down on the poor with a frown,
Lest a touch might their fine garments soil;
Yet I'm thankful today, I so proudly can say,
That I'm one ofthe children of toil.

Some say it's a crime in this world to be poor,
If so, then the rich are to blame;
Fair wages will keep the dread wolf from the door,
And that is the working man's aim;
When Justice by rich rascal's money is bought,
Or when honor is barter'd for spoil,
Then 'tis time that the battle of freedom was fought,
By the army of children of toil.
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But there'll be a day when the poor and oppress'd,
In majestic pow'r will arise,
And strangle monopoly in it's foul nest,
The Justice will open her eyes;
'Tis then that the laboring class will be free,
And the wiles of the tyrant they'll foil;
Then no longer can wealth crush out sweet liberty,
Nor oppress the poor children of toil.



1 - Transcribed from the sheet music, published by Hitchcock and McCargo Publishing Comapny, Limited, 385 Sixth Avenue, Above 23D Street, New York, NY.

2 - Sorry we have no biographical information on Ned Straight. If you do please let us know the details by going to the About page and sending us an email. Thank you.