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Capital and Labour, song lyrics

Song: Capital and Labor
Lyrics: Cary Madison Dickinson

Music: Cary Madison Dickinson
Year: 1921
Country: USA

The law of compensation is as sure
As gavitation can be found to be,
But only minds unselfish good and pure,
And that enlightened are, the truth can see,
And will it right and true believe;
And just so sure are all the interests,
Of capital and labor intertwined,
For their own welfare on each other rests;
Tho independent they are still combined,
And each it's just due should receive.
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The better are the labor and the soil,
the greater will the harvest always be,
The finer is the skill and less the toil,
So will in worth the product full agree,
And higher be the price and wage;
So capital and labor ought to strive
To pull together for each other's sake,
And willing be for each to live and thrive,
For no rule better will they ever make,
In this or any other age.


1 - From the 1921 sheet music, printed by Davis and Cannon, 119 High Ave, Cleveland Ohio.

2 - The only other reference that could be found to Carry Madison Dickinson was a book, Corwin Claxwell, A Drama in Five Acts, written in 1897 and published in 1900.