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Boom Went the Boom, song lyrics

Song: Boom Went the Boom
Lyrics: Anonymous

Music: to the tune of the original "Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay"
Year: c.1954 (1)
Country: USA

(Joe Glazer's alternative lines are in brackets)
This song was originally posted on
I had a job in twenty-nine,
When everything was going fine.
I knew the pace was pretty fast,
But thought that it would always last.
When organizers came to town,
I'd always sneer and turn them down.
I thought the bost was my best friend;
He'd stick by me to the end.

Ain't got a word to say,
He chiseled down my pay,
Then took my job away.
"Boom" went the boom one day,
It made a noise that way,
I wish that I'd been wise,
Next time I'll organize.

I had a little bank account,
Not very much a small amount,
Which to the savings bank I took;
And all they gave me was a book.
I pinched on food, I scraped on rent,
I hardly ever spent a cent,
My little savings grew and grew;
I thought I'd be a big shot too.

It made a noise that way,
There went my hard-earned pay;
Saved for a rainy day.
I must have been a wick, (Oh what a dirty trick,)
This soup-line makes me sick,
Where can that banker be?
He tore his pants with me. (He's eating soup with me.)
This song was originally posted on
Then finally it came to pass
That all I had to-eat was grass.
The wolf don't bother any more,
He starved to death right by my door.
With soup and gas and club and gun
They tried to make the system run.
They said, "Dear friends, now don't get sore,
We'll make it like it was before."

It busted up one day,
Those guys that stole my pay
Went flying every way.
All that I've got to say,
I hope they've gone to stay;
Each dog must have his day,


1 - From the Joe Glazer and Bill Friedland, 1954 Labor Arts album: Songs of the Wobblies

2 - Published in the Socialist Song Book 1964, by the Young Peoples' Socialist League, p.21.