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Arise Ye Nova Scotia Slaves, song lyrics

Song: Arise Ye Nova Scotia Slaves
Lyrics: P. J. Lynch(1)

Year: 1910(1)
Country: Canada

It is time for the coal miners to rise up on their feet,
And crush the opposition wherever they will meet.
Too long the capitalist party has kept the miners down,
With their mansions full and plenty - on the miner they do frown.

Through years past the coal companies have trodden down the poor,
But now comes the crisis - the miners' votes galore;
The capitalist do shudder, they now must turn aside,
To the miner's class in power, and may we ever abide.
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And how often have we spoken about the miners of this land,
Crushed by heavy burdens and that on every hand;
They have no voice whatever; the miners wre kept down,
With the corporations in power, poor subjects for a Crown.

Fathers, husbands, sons and brothers they have driven from their homes,
by their unfair, unjust methods in this little Glace Bay town;
And their shame they may try to flaunt, for the poor slave pay them well,
And by their filthy money they have sent their souls to Hell.
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But the day is fast a-coming when the miners will be free,
And the U.M.W.(4) colors flying on the plains for all to see,
And the name of E. S. McCullough(5) we never will forget,
A man who fights for freedom and he fights for honor yet.

And when the strike is over, we'll march in grand array,
And we'll rind ten thousand cheers for the U.M.W.A.(6)
And the scab will go under like the man before the gun,
And the miners they will flourish when the dreary strike is won.


1 - From the United Mine Workers Journal, May 5, 1910.

2 - See Industrial Feudalism blog post for a short history, plus more on the Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada strike (from June 1909 - April 1911) from the University of New Brusnwick, Canada.

3 - Sorry, we have no biographical data on Patrick J. Lynch, but presume if he was published in a mine union publication he was a miner. If you have any information, we would appreciate it if you would click "About" in the top menu and email us the information. Thank you.

4 - Presumably "W.M.W." is an acronym for "United Mine Workers".

5 - Edward S. McCullough, elected International Vice President o the United Mine Workers of America in 1909.

6 - In 1890 the United Mine Workers of America had been created for the bituminous coal mine workers and then spread to the anthracite coal mines.