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There are Ninety and Nine, song lyrics

Song: There are Ninety and Nine
Lyrics: unknown(1)

Music: to the tune of "There were Ninety and Nine" (lyrics: 1868; music by Ira David Sankey 1874).
Year: c. 1890 (1)
Genre: Hymn
Country: USA

There are ninety and nine who live and die
In poverty, want and cold,
That one may revel in luxury
And be wrapped in its silken fold.
The ninety and nine in hovels bare,
The one in a palace with riches rare.

They toil in the fields, the ninety and nine,
For the fruits of their mother earth;
They delve in the depths of the dusky mine
And bring its hid treasures forth.
But the wealth released by their sturdy blows
To the hands of the one forever flows.
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In the sweat of their brows the desert blooms,
And the forest before them falls;
They have builded the walls of humble homes
And cities with lofty hall.
But the one owns cities and farms and lands,
And the ninety and nine have empty hands.
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But the night so dreary and dark and long
At length will the morning bring,
And over the hills the victors' song
Of the ninety and nine shall ring,
And echo afar, from zone to zone:
"Rejoice for labor has gained its own!"


1 - Union Pacific Employees' Magazine, Volume 5, p.41., published February 1890. It has no attribution for the author of this version of the lyrics.