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Labour Union, Strike Songs & Worker Song Lyrics

Anthem: International Ladies Garment Workers' Union, Emily Brown Fine, before 1937

Arise Ye Nova Scotia Slaves, J. J. Lynch, 1910

Automation Song, Phil Ochs, 1964

Awake! Be Free!, H. W. Fuison, 1800's

Babe O' Mine, Sarah Ogan Gunning, 1930's

Babies in the Mill, Dixon Brothers, 1930's

Ballad of a Working Mother, Marilyn Major

Ballad of the Triangle Fire, Ruth Rubin, 1911

Banker and Boss, unknown, 1920's or early 1930's

Boom Went the Boom, 1954

Boomtown Bill, Woody Guthrie, 1942

Capital and Labor, Cary Madison Dickinson, 1921

Casey Jones, Joe Hill, 1912

Citizen C.I.0., , Tom Glazer, 1944

Come All You Coal Miners, Sarah Ogan Gunning, 1937

Company Town Doctor, Woody Guthrie, 1945

Cotton Mill Colic, Dave McCarn, 1926

Count Your Workers, Count Them!, Joe Hill, 1912

Dark As A Dungeon, Merle Travis, 1946

Don't Forget the Union Label, Thomas H. West, 1901

Don't Put the Workingman Down, Bobby Newcomb, 1877

Down, Down, Down, William Keating, 1916

Down in a Coal Mine, J. B. Geogheghan, 1872

Down on the Picket Line, Sarah Ogan Gunning, 1932

Dreadful Memories, Sarah Ogan Gunning, 1938

Dressmakers' Victory Song, Emily B. Fine, 1930s

Eight Hour Strike, Billy Pastor, 1872

Everybody's Joining It, Joe Hill, 1912

Fare Thee Well, Old Ely Branch, Aunt Molly Jackson, c.1920's

Farmer Labor Train, Woody Guthrie, 1944

Fifty-Nine Cents, Fred Small, 1981

From Forty to Sixty-Five, Johnny Masters, 1951

Genteel Poverty, John David Lamb, 1964

Hard Times in Coleman's Mines, Aunt Molly Jackson, 1939

Hold The Fort, unknown

Hunger Blues Song, unknown, 1920s OR 1930s

Hungry Ragged Blues, Aunt Molly Jackson, 1930

I am a Union Woman, Aunt Molly Jackson, 1931

I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night, Alfred Hayes, 1930

I Hate The Company Bosses, Sarah Ogan Gunning, 1938

I'm Going to Organize, Baby Mine, Sarah Ogan Gunning, 1937

I'm Gonna Be An Engineer, Peggy Seeger, 1970

I'm Labor, Samuel H. Friedman, 1920s or 1930s

In The Coal Mines Far Away, Otto P. Ikeler, 1901

It's a Long Way Down to the Soupline, Joe Hill, 1915

John Golden and the Lawrence Strike, Joe Hill, 1912

Labour Is King, Cyril Haviland, 1891

Labor's Harvest Home, Thomas Phillips Thompson, 1892

Lonesome Jailhouse Blues, by Aunt Molly Jackson, 1931

March Song of the Workers, Douglas Robson, 1920s OR 1930s

Me Johnny Mitchell Man, Con Carbon, 1902

Mill Mothers Lament, Ella May Wiggins, 1929

Mr. Block, Joe Hill, 1913

My Children are Seven in Number, Eleanor Kellogg, 1933

Newspapermen Meet Such Interesting People, Vern Partlow, 1947

November Nineteenth (1915), John E. Nordquist, 1916

NRA Blues, Bill Cox, 1933

On Johnny Mitchell's Train, unknown, 1902

On the Picket Line, by unknown, 1930's

Our Fight Is Yours, Tom Glazer, 1946

Paint 'er Red, by unknown, 1913

Please Tip Your Waitress, Willie Sordill, 1978

Poor Miner's Farewell, Aunt Molly Jackson, 1932

Public Workers Stand Together, Paul McKenna, circa 1980

Roll Out The Pickets, Jack Latham, 1939

Serves 'em Fine, Dave McCarn, 1931

Silicosis, Josh White, 1936

Sit Down, Maurice Sugar, 1937

Sixteen Tons, by Merle Travis or George Davis, 1946 or c.1930's

Solidarity Forever, Ralph Chaplin, 1915

Song for Harry Bridges (Ballad of Harry Bridges, The Almanac Singers, 1941

Song for the Trico Women Workers, 1976

Song of the "Lower Classes", Ernest Jones, mid-1800's

Song of the Shirt, Thomas, 1843

Stand By Your Unions, by "Hush", 1908

Stick to the Union, Jack, James Feeney, 1904

Swinging on a Scab, unknown, 1948

Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay, Joe Hill, 1914

Talking Union, Lee Hays, Millard Lampell & Pete Seeger, 1941

Taxi Song, Peter Jones, 1983

That's What I Want To Hear, Phil Ochs, 1965

The Auchengeich Disaster, Norman Buchan, c. 1970's

The Avondale Mine Disaster, 1869 or early 1870's

The Ballad of Bloody Thursday, c.1930's

The Children of Toil, Ned Straight, 1890

The Colliers' Strike Song, Melinda Kendall, 1885

The Company Store, Isaac Hanna, 1895

The Daydawn of Labor, John Plumper Hoolan, 1891

The Death of Harry Simms, Aunt Molly Jackson & Jim Garland, 1932

The Dream of the Miner's Child, Andrew Jenkins, 1922

The Dying Mine Brakeman, Orville J. Jenks, 1915

The Factory Slave, Phillips Thompson, late 1800's

The Hard Working Miner, Patrick O'Neill, c. 1870

The Old Brigade, unknown lyricist, 1902

The Old Miner's Refrain, before 1925

The Pennsylvania Miner, Patrick O'Neill, late 1800's

The Railway Strike, Ella Lodge, 1886

The White Slave, Joe Hill, 1912

There are Ninety and Nine, circa 1890

There is Power in a Union, Joe Hill, 1913

Two Cent Coal, c. 1876

Unemployment Stomp, Big Bill Broonzy, 1938

Union Boys, Kermit Harden, 1929

Union Maid, Woody Guthrie & Millard Lampell, 1940

Union Train a' Comin', Lee Hays, 1941

We Have Fed You All for a Thousand Years, unknown rewriting, c. 1908

We Need You Most of All, Russell Knight, 1929 (Gastonia Textile Strike)

We Will Sing One Song, Joe Hill 1913

Weave Room Blues, Dixon Brothers, 1932

When a Worker is out of a Job, circa 1930

When Labor Has Come To Its Own, Thomas Phillips Thompson, 1892

When This Strike is Over, 1964 or before

Which Side Are You On, Florence Patton Reece, 1931

Workers’ Appeal, The Tiger, 1936

Workers of the World, Awaken, Joe Hill, 1914

Workers of England, James Connell, c. 1890

Working Man's Blues, Al Rogers, 1954

You'd Better Be Nice To Them Now, William Tracy & Jack Stern, 1918