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I'd Rather Be Spanish, song lyrics

Song: I'd Rather Be Spanish
Lyrics: (Gene) Jean Malin(2)

Music: Malin(2)
Year: 1931(1)
Genre: camp
Country: USA

(Anything in brackets is the chorus response.)

Now, I am a Spaniard who's different,
Yes, I am a Spaniard who's new,
Oh, I'm a bold bachelor you never have met,
And you never forget when you do.

Each maiden is thrilled by one look at my hand,
I'm handsome, I'm strong, I look just like a man.
When I keep my mouth shut there's room for a doubt,
But when I start talking the secret is out.
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Cause I'm Spanish, I'm so Spanish,
All Christmas night am I Spanish.
There's something 'bout bulls that I cannot resist,
I love to slap cows on the wrist!

Cause I'm Spanish, I'm so Spanish,
And I'd rather be Spanish than mannish.
With picadors and matadors, I don't agree,
The reason for this you can easily see,
When they wave that red flag I think they mean me,
Cause I'm Spanish but why bring that up?
This song was originally posted on
Oh, I'm Spanish, (Spanish,) Spanish, (Spanish,)
Oh tell the ^^ I'm Spanish,
If after my cows I would go on a strike,
There's something 'bout bulls that I like.

Cause I'm Spanish, (Spanish,) Spanish, (Spanish,)
If you're mannish I'd rather be Spanish,
I've fought many battles, as you've probably guessed,
Many of the bulls I have met by request,
And when I met those bulls, well say you know the rest,
Cause I'm Spanish, so why bring that up?


1 - Recorded on Columbia Records 2812-D, May 20, 1931

2 - Jean Malin, biography at IMDb

3 - ^ is a missing syllable. If you know what the missing parts are, please email us and let us know. Thank you