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Any Other Way, song lyrics

Song: Any Other Way
Lyrics: William Bell (1)

Music: William Bell
Year: 1962 (2)
Genre: R&B
Country: USA

Here you come again,
And you say that your my friend,
But I know why your here;
She wants to know how I feel,
Tell her that I'm happy,
Tell her that I'm gay,
Tell her I wouldn't have it,
Any other way.

People have been talking,
Since we been apart,
And when I pass I hear them whisper, (ha, ha),
There he goes with a broken heart;
But when you see my baby,
Here is what you say,
Tell her I wouldn't have it,
Any other way.
This song was originally posted on
That's all I got to say my friend,
Now we better say good-bye;
I think you better go right now,
Or you might see me cry,
But when you see my baby,
This is what you say,
Tell her I wouldn't have it,
Any other way.
No other way,
I wouldn't have it baby,
No other way,
I just won't have it baby,
Any other way.


1 - William Bell. First release of the song was by William Bell, the author, on Stax 7" single, S-128, 1962.

2 - William Bell, at Soul Express.

3 - This song was made famous in the rendition by Jackie Shane, where he used the LGBT meaming of the word "gay" versus the original meaning when the song was written by its author. Jackie Shane was American, born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1940, but performed mainly in Toronto, Canada, where this song reached number 2 on the charts in 1963. This was released on Sue Records #776. He eventually retired, back in his home of Nashville Tennessee.