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Together We Can Move Mountains, song lyrics

Song: Together We Can Move Mountains
Lyrics: Beverly Grant(1)(2)

Music: Beverly Grant(1)(2)
Year: 1975
Genre: Gospel
Country: USA

Together we can move mountains,
Alone we can't move it all.
Together we can move mountains,
Alone we can't move it all.

You know, people, sometimes we despair
When we think we're alone and nothings's gonna change
We get stepped on, abused, ignored and confused,
Made to suffer and told we're to blame.
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The ones who get rich, while we scrape to get by,
Know our unity means their defeat;
So they set us against one another,
    sister and brother, color 'gainst color,
Keeping us weak; they're keeping us weak.


From the smallest seed a might tree can grow,
With its roots planted firmly in the ground;
We've got to reach for the sun, only then will we know,
All the love and beauty and the beauty and the life to be found.



1 - Beverly Grant when interviewing rent strikers at Co-op City, in the Bronx, New York, for a film about their successful rent strike, when a young Puerto Rican woman told her, "Together we can move mountains."

2 - Beverly Grant was a member of the New York City band, The Human Condition.

3 - The Temporary Hero of Co-Op City, by Joe Klein, from Rolling Stone, October 6, 1977.