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A Hundred Years Hence, song lyrics

Song: A Hundred Years Hence
Lyrics: Fannie Gage(1) (3)

Music: John Hutchinson(1) (4)
Year: 1869(2)
Country: USA

One hundred years hence, what a change will be made,
In politics morals, relgion and trade,
In statesmen who wrangel or ride on the fence,
Those things will be altered a hundred years hence.

Our laws then will be uncompulsory rules,
Our prisons converted to national schools,
The pleasure of sinning 'tis all a pretense,
And so we will find it, a hundred years hence.
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Lying, cheating and fraud will be laid on the shelf,
Men will neither get drunk, nor be bound up in self,
But all live together, good neighbors and friends,
Just as Christian folks ought to, a hundred years hence.

Oppression and war will be heard of no more
Nor the blood of a slave leave his print on our shore,
Conventions will then be a useless expense,
For we'll all go free suffrage, a hundred years hence.
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Instead of speech-making to satisfy wrong,
All will join the glad chorus to sing Freedom's song;
And if the Millennium is not a pretense,
We'll all be good brothers, a hundred years hence.


1 - Give the Ballots to the Mothers, Francie Wolff, Denlinger's Publishers, Springfield, MO., 1998, p.84

2 - The Western monthly, Volume 1, 1869, edited by Francis Fisher Browne, p.256

3 - Mrs. Fannie D. Gage, was involved in the women's suffrage movement and wrote Arínít I a woman? from (Professor) Bob Faust's History pages, University of South Alabama.

4 - John Hutchinson was a member of the Hutchinson Family Singers.