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Coming By and By, song lyrics

Song: Coming By and By
Lyrics: unknown(1) adapted version

Music: to the tune of "Coming By and By"(1) by Robert Lowry 1875
Year: between 1875 and 1892(1)
Genre: Hymn
Country: USA

A better day is coming,
    A morning promised long,
When girded right, with holy might,
    Will overthrow the wrong;
When man shall rise and take his rights,
    Not vainly plead and sigh,
And win the cause of righteous laws,
    And justice by and by.

Coming by and by,
    Coming by and by!
The better day is coming,
    The morning draweth nigh,
Coming by and by,
    Coming by and by!
The welcome dawn will hasten on,
    'Tis coming by and by!

To grind the face of the poor,
    The rich no more shall dare,
For age and youth will love the truth,
    And spread it everywhere;
No more from want and sorrow,
    Will come the hopeless cry,
And strife will cease and perfect peace,
    Will flourish by and by.
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O for that welcome dawning,
    When happiness and peace
Shall bless the land from East to West,
    Snd suffering shall cease;
This glorious consummation,
    The mourner's tears shall dry,
Then every voice will loud rejoice,
    Its' coming by and by.



1 - The Labor Reform Songster, 1892, by Phillips Thompson, published in Philadelphia, Journal of the Knights of Labor, 1892, p.25-26.