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Because We Were Poor, song lyrics

Song: Because We Were Poor
Lyrics: C. R. Dockstader(1) (2)

Music: C. R. Dockstader(1) (2)
Year: 1878(1) (2)
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

There's a dear spot in Ireland that I long to see,
It my own native birthplace and it's heaven to me.
Shure my poor widowed mother lived there all alone,
With my brothers and sisters t'was a bright happy home.

Shur we hadn't much money, but my own mother dear,
To me gave her blessing, bade my heart be good cheer.
Then the shadow of poverty darkened our door,
And left Ireland and mother because we were poor.
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Oh my thoughts oft go back to that dear little spots,
To my brothers and sisters and that little thatched cot.
To my poor widowed mother, I'll ne'er see her more.
Twas a shame but I left her because we were poor.

I will never forget on that bright rosy morn,
Whin old Ireland I left home my poor heart did mourn.
When my blessed old mother said be of good cheer.
"Goodbye Michael darling". "Farewell mother dear.

Then my brothers and sisters took me by the hand
And bade me do right when I left Ireland.
Then I bade them goodbye at our cottage door,
And let Ireland and mother, because we were poor.
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Since leaving old Ireland, my poor mother's dead.
God bless and protect him, were the last words she said.
And the ring that my father gave, she send to me.
'Tis a far dearer prize than bright gems could e'er be.

And my brothers and sisters, I wish they were here,
For I'm longing to see them, but they'll come never fear!
I've a neat little cot, on America's shore,
Where happy we'll live, Yes! although we are poor.


1 - From the original sheet music, April 2012.

2 - Published by K. Dehnhoff, music publisher, 767-769 Broadway.