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Inspirational Song Lyrics

A Hundred Years Hence, by Fannie Gage, 1869

Amazing Grace, John Newton, 1772

Because All Men Are Brothers, Tom Glazer, 1947

Because We Were Poor, C. R. Dockstader, 1878

Bread and Roses, James Oppenheim, 1911

Coming By and By, between 1875 and 1892

The Brotherhood of Man, Raymond A. Brown, 1901

The House I Live In, Abel Meeropol, 1942

The Men of Auld Lang Syne, Thomas Phillips Thompson, 1892

The Song of the Proletaire, Tom O'Reilly, 1876

There'll Be No Distinction There, Blind Alfred Reed, 1929

Three Chords and the Truth, Ry Cooder, 2007

Together We Can Move Mountains, Beverly Grant, 1975