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Revolutionary Rag, song lyrics

Song: Revolutionary Rag
Lyrics: Irving Berlin(2)

Music: Irving Berlin(2)
Year: 1919
Genre: Ragtime
Country: USA

Where the Russian breezes blow,
There's a piece of calico
Ev'ry thread,
dyed in red.
You can see it on a pole,
Or in Trotsy's button hole
Long haired Russian foxes
Wave it from old soap boxes,
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That... Revolutionary Rat,
'Twas mad across the sea
By a tricky slicky Bolsheviki
Run... with our little money bag
Or else they'll steal it away.
whell it away,
As they go raving madly waving
That... Revolutionary Rag
It's not a melody
It's a crimson flag.

Little Mary Antoinette,
Was a lovely queen you bet
Till one day
sad to say
From her window she could see
Little Miss Democracy.
Mary's brain was whirling
When France began unfurling.
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All the Royal ties across the seas
Shake in their B.V.Ds.
When they see that Revolutionary Rag. Rag.

All the Kings nad Queens in foreign scenes
Know that they've spilled the beans.
When they see that Revolutionary Rag. Rag.


1 - Published by the T. B. Harms Company, New York.

2 - Irving Berlin from the Biography Channel, Irving Berlin from IMDb, and Irving Berlin from the Songwriters Hall of Fame.