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Farewell Prosperity, song lyrics

Song: Farewell Prosperity
Lyrics: John Kemble(1)(3)

Music: Lester Keith(1)(4)
Year: 1906(1)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA

Have you ever had that feeling stealing over you,
That is commonly described as indigo blue?
When a fellow has to see his money go away,
Why he's right up against it and it's nearly time to say:

(1st CHORUS:)
Farwell prosperity, Goodbye success,
My pipe is going out, I'm "all in" I guess;
Here comes Miss Fortune now, She's after me,
That's why I sadly sigh, Farewell prosperity, -ty.

Talk about the lonely game it isn't one, two, three,
With the price it's simple to discover company;
But it's diff'rent when it hits that sorrow sort of gent,
Who has to stick to Worry Street because he owes his rent.
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(2nd/1st CHORUS)

You can't keep out of trouble if you fool around a girl,
What ever way you handle her she'll keep you in a whirl.
If you do not marry why she sues for breach of course,
But marry and no sooner wed, she sues you for divorce.

(3rd/1st CHORUS)

Now they say that money has a language of it's own
If I could translate it I would buy a Newport Home
When it ever speaks to me it only says goodbye
I just say Bon Voyage then I murmur with a sigh.

(4th CHORUS:)
Farewell prosperity, goodbye success
When good luck rings my bell, I'll be out I guess
Dame fortune never smiles, she laughs at me
Friends gone, my nerve's in pawn, Farewell prosperity.

With sound coin the country's flooded Roosevelt(5) will remark
But John D.(6) is in the flood, while we are in the Ark
If he's not up to the standard when he goes below
They'll pour Standard Oil on him, and he will whisper low.
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(5th CHORUS:)
Farewell prosperity, goodbye Wall Street
Tell all those process fiends I've not got cold feet
Send me some watered stock, Satan you see
Won't dare to singe my hair, Farewell prosperity.

Tom Platt's(7) in an awful fix the papers now proclaim
They all say his coachman is just riding him insane
He drives wifey to the bank for Tommy's dough each day
Tom stands by the Down and Out Club and he's heard to say.
This song was originally posted on
(6th CHORUS:)
Farewell prosperity, I'm getting poor
Coachman calls her a peach, me a lemon sure
Once I was Number One, now twenty-three.
I'll write Depew(8) tonight, Farewell prosperity.

Count De Castellaine(9) was counted out for his offence
He feels like a discount of just thirty Yankee cents
His meal ticket was his wife, till someone put her wise
Now when someone pays his carfare, Boni loudly cries.
This song was originally posted on
(Last CHORUS:)
Farewell prosperity, good Yankee Dough
I need an overcoat, I can't eat the snow
Anna(9) my Santa Claus, my Christmas tree
Come home or I will moam(10), Farewell prosperity.


1 - Transcribed from the sheet music published by Harry Von Tilzer, Music Publishing Co, 37 W 28th St, New York & Chicago, Frisco, London.

2 - The cover of the score reads: "Introduced by John Slavin in John C. Fisher's "Mamselle Sallie".

3 - Sorry we have no information on John Kemble.

4 - We have no information on Lester Keith.

5 - Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States of America.

6 - John D. Rockefeller (1839 - 1937), founder of the Standard Oil Company.

7 - Thomas Collier Platt (1833 - 1910), who got caught in a tryst with someone who was not his wife.

8 - Chauncey Mitchell Depew, who served as a U.S. Senator from New York state, alongside Thomas Platt.

9 - On January 1, 1899, the Count De Castellaine, bought a necklace of diamonds and presented it to his wife Anna Gould, the daughter of Jay Gould a railroad tycoon labeled by many as a "robber baron". A week later came the bill to her from the Rue de la Paix, Paris, jeweler for 500,000 francs, (or $100,000 U.S. dollars). This is all about an impoverished "noble" with a title, marrying into new American money.

10 - The score clearly reads "moam" but this is probably a typographical error, and we are presuming the word should have been "moan".