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Doing the Reactionary, song lyrics

Song: Doing the Reactionary
Lyrics: Harold Rome(1)

Music: Harold J. Rome(1)
Year: 1936(3)
Genre: Musical(3)
Country: USA

It's darker than the Dark Bottom,(4)
It rumbles more than the Rumba.
If you think that the two-steps got 'em,
Just take a look at this number.
It's got that certain swing,
That makes you wanna sing.

Don't go left, but be polite.
Move to the right;
Doing the reactionary.

Close your eyes to where you're bound.
And you'll be found,
Doing the reactionary.

All the best dictators do it,
Millionaires keep steppin' to it,
The Four Hundred love to sing it,(5)
Ford(6) and Morgan(7) swing it.

Hands up high and shake your head.
You'll soon see red,
Doing the reactionary.
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So get in it, begin it
It's smart, oh, so very
To do the reactionary!


1 - American History in Song: Lyrics from 1900 to 1945, by Diane Holloway, p.353

2 - This was from Harold Rome's musical Pins And Needles, featuring members of the International Ladies' Garment Workers (ILGW) union.

3 - While the musical Pins and Needles first opened the 27 November 1937, it was produced in June of 1936.

4 - The Dark Bottom was a popular dance at the time

5 - The "Four Hundred" were the ultra-rich and were condsidered a social class unto themselves

6 - Industrialist Henry Ford.

7 - Banker J. P. Morgan.