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D.A.R. Song, song lyrics

Song: The D.A.R.(2) Song

Music: Harry Mayer
Year: between 1917 and 1935
Genre: Satire
Country: USA

When my great, great, great, great grandfather fled,
Across the raging water,
They found the natives here all red,
Land thus condemned to slaugher.
"You say they sought'd refuge here,
Where never bigots could appear,
Where men could freedom find and plenty"?
That was back in Sixteen-twenty.

My ancestors left tyrant sod,
Priest scorners and throne shakers,
They welcomed all who worshipped God,
(Except those silly Quakers.)
"You say they gladly greeted those,
Who dealt oppression lusty blows,
Though they might wealth and culture "lack?"
That was many centuries back.
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My grand sires flashed a wicked gun
In freedom's cause arisen,
For British tax riled patriot's son,
(That graft by rights was his'n.)
"You say they overthrew a King,
With bloodshed and with rioting?
Why that sounds like the Bolsheviks!"
That was Seventeen-seventy-six.

My father swore that slavery broke
God's laws through all the ages,
He fought to end the bonds men's yoke,
(He'd rather cut their wages.)
"You say he sought to break the chain,
Of those who toiled in fear and pain.
That henceforth workers would be free?"
That was Eighteen-sixty-three!
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My sons were moved by Wilson's(4) plea,
To all strife they bore guns.
They fought to save democracy;
(They saved the Fords(5) and Morgans(6).)
"you say their ardors banish war,
Dictators barred forevermore;
That now no want or woe is seen?"
That was Nineteen-seventeen!


1 - Rebel Song Book, Eighty-seven Socialist and Labor Songs for Voice and Piano, Rand School Press, New York, NY, 1935, p. 74

2 - D.A.R. is the acronym for the Daughters of the American Revolution.

3 - Bolsheviks.

4 - US President Woodrow Wilson.

5 - Henry Ford.

6 - J. P. Morgan.