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Vote for Abraham, song lyrics

Song: Vote for Abraham
Lyrics: "Union"(1)

Music: "Union"(1)
Year: 1864(1)
Genre: Tradional
Country: USA

"Campaign song of 64"

We all will vote for Abraham,(2)
    For President, for President;
He is a tried and honest man,
    Then vote for Abraham,
And Andy(3), too, of Tennessee,
    Of Tennessee, of Tennessee,
Brave Andy, too, is just the man,
    To go with Abraham.

We'll vote for Abraham,
    my boys, For Abraham; for Abraham,
He is both tried and true,
    my boys; Then vote for Abraham.

The rebels now begin to show
    That Abraham, that Abraham
Is dealing them there last death-blow;
    Then vote for Abraham;
And Copperheads(4) may hiss and groan,
    May hiss and groan, may hiss and groan,
Yet one will still lead on the van,
    Tis honest Abraham.
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With Grant(5) and Sherman(6) in the field,
    With Abraham, with Abraham;
We soon will make the traitors yield;
    Then vote for Abraham.
Your time is short, ye copperheads,
    Ye copperheads, ye copperheads,
For in November Uncle Sam
    Will go for Abraham.


The Union ever will remain,
    For Abraham, for Abraham
Has blotted out that vilest stain
    Of human slavery;
As blest and honered shall go down
    As Washington's, as Washington's,
To unborn millions through the land
    The name of Abraham.



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3 - President Andrew Johnson biography from the White House.

4 - Copperheads

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