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Tariff "Bill", song lyrics

Song: Tariff "Bill"
Lyrics: George de Romberg(1) (3)

Music: Lewis Elwell(2) (3)
Year: 1909(3) (4)
Country: USA

Now the tarrif bill(6) is settled
And the country isn't nettled,
Tho' we haven't got revision downward yet;
Thro' the summer month's they've striven
And we're glad for what's been given,
For we're very tired of Aldrich(7) and his set.
There's a most persistent rumor
That the ultimate consumer
Will get it in the neck as here-to-fore,
That the soulless corporation
Still is mighty in the nation,
But at least there's now an end to Tariff war!

O Bill Taft(8), you are a dandy,
You're a hummer, you're the candy,
And all the people think that you are great; For you said that you would do it,
And the party they would rue it,
If they deviated from the platform's slate;
And what you aid you really meant,
You lived up to the sentiment,
For your're our honest, manly President.
This song was originally posted on
The nation watched and waited
While the houses both debated,
And the measure was discuss'd from end to end;
There were speeches grave and witty
In the conference and committee,
But 'twas Taft who prov'd to be the peoples friend,
They took up the schedules singly
Some they made as high as Dingley(9)
And some others they made even higher still,
But the way it's now adjusted
We shall prosper it is trusted
And for that we have to thank our Tariff "Bill".



1 - Sorry we have no biographical data on George de Romberg

2 - Sorry we have no biographical data on Lewis Elwell

3 - Published by Jerome H. Remick an Company, New York

4 - The cover says "A 1910 song" but the sheet music was copyrighted in 1909

5 - The cover includes a portrait ofU.S. President William H. Taft, (the 27th President of the United States from 1909-1913)

6 - Payne–Aldrich Tariff Act

7 - Nelson W. Aldrich

8 - William Howard Taft

9 - Sorry, we have no data on who or which "Dingley" this is.