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Stricken City, song lyrics

Song: Stricken City
Lyrics: William Fisher(1)

Music: Al. G. Mark(2)
Year: 1896(3)
Genre: Traditional
Country: USA

There lies a greaty city in the West,
Long known for beauty, and by fortune blest,
Alas! one summer's ev'ning when the sun began to set,
O'er that city swept a cyclone which we never shall forget;
Woe, woe and lamentation!

What a piteous cry was there,
From the women and the children shrieking, shobbing in despair;
A cry went up to heaven, and the answer cam, take heart!
The sun shone out, the wind went down, the clouds began to part,
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After the night was over,
What a scene came to our view...
As the people looked for lost ones,
Finding alas! but few;
And many, who now are missing...
Beneath those ruins rest,
Killdy by that awful cyclone,
In that city of the West.

The next morn the sun was shining bright,
But oh, the horrors of that awful night,
For alas! our lively city, fairest in the land,
Now lay in awful ruins, struck by an unseen hand;
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But still we love thee dearly,
we will build the up again,
A grand and stately monument to the loved ones that were slain;
And kindred hearts are aching, Adn reay hands will aid,
The suff'ring and the sorrow, that fearful cyclone made.


1 - Sorry, we have biographical data on William Fisher

2 - Sorry, we have biographical data on Al. G. Mark

3 - Publisted by Mark Bros. Music Pub. Co., St. Louis, Mo.

4 - About the great cyclone os St. Louis and East St. Louis, May 27, 1896.