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Santa Barbara Earthquake, song lyrics

Song: Santa Barbara Earthquake
Lyrics: n/a

Music: n/a
Year: c. 1925(1)
Genre: Country
Country: USA

Way out in California
On a hill so tall
Was the town of Santa Barbar'
That they thought would never fall.

But, on one fatal morning
The sun rose in the sky
The people all were praying
"O Lord, please hear our cry."

When daylight found the people
With the sad and aching heart
They were searching for their families
That the earthquake tore apart.
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But some of them were sleeping
Beneath the fallen stone
Their lips were closed forever
Never more to cry and moan .

It's just another warning
From God up in the sky
To tell our human people
That he still remains on hgih.
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We do not know the moment
When He shall call us home
But we should all be ready
Before our time has come.


1 - In 1940 when Mrs. Vester Whitworth performed this, she said that she had learned of the song in Arkansas Bottom, about 15 years prior or more.

2 - That date would coincide with the 1925 Santa Barbara earthquake that was 6.8 on the Richter scale.

3 - This is a different song than the song sung by Vernon Dalhart in 1925 and written by "Carlos McAffee", a pseudonym for Carson Robison.