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Prohibition Blues, song lyrics

Song: Prohibition Blues
Lyrics: Al. Sweet(1)

Music: Al. Sweet
Year: 1917(1)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA

Mose Brown came a staggerin' home one morn,
Tears in his eyes and lookin' all forlorn,
His wifey met him with such an awful frown,
Said he, "My dear, now won't you please sit down,
And listen to me while a sad tale I relate,
Of de news I hear what got me in dis state,
Last night I went to church and I feel so blue,
'What that parson say I will tell to you:

Oh! my Brothers and Sisters, listen to what I say,
By nineteen twenty dere'll be no boose sold in the U.S.A.
De whole country as a goin' bone dry,
Prohibition am de battle cry,
'Scuse me while I shed a tear,
For good old whiskey, gin and beer,
Good-bye forever, Good-bye forever,
Ah got de Prohibition, Prohibition,
Prohibition Blues. Oh! my Blues.
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I got up and walked right out of dat church,
On the steps then I met old Sam'l Birch,
"Why Moses," he say, "what make you look so blue"
I tell him an' he say, "If dat am true,
Dat dry times comin' an' dere goin' to can de booze,
Come on to the corner, dere's no time to lose."
So we just started in drinkin' gainst dat day,
When I'd try to stop, then old Sam would say:



1 - Published by M. Witmark & Songs, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco and London.

2 - Recorded in January 1919, by Arthur Collins, on Gennett records #4513 (as the B-side to the Saint Louis Blues)